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Hi-risers are broken into three different categories: Donks, Boxes and Bubbles.

The Hi Rise Donks, Boxes and Bubbles craze began in South Flordia, then spread throught out the south and is now on the west coast. Donks have become mainstream especially in the Hip-Hop Culture including many of the celebrity rappers. Donks, Boxes or Bubbles can be spotted by their bright colored expensive paint jobs, flashy interiors, powerful engines and large custom wheels. These Hi Risers are lifted to fit huge 22 to 28 inch custom rims.

The trend is to take Donks to new heights not only with big rims but with custom donk paint jobs.

1972 Chevrolet Impala Donk 1972 Chevrolet Impala with 26 Inch Donk Rims!
What is a Donk?

A Donk can be any 1970s American made Hi-Riser sedan with a custom built suspension that give it functionality along with a monster truck stance. Generally speaking though a Custom Donk is a mid 1970's Impala, Caprice or Monte Carlo wearing very big shoes. Donks on 30s are common. Donks on 40 inch rims are coming soon.

1984 Chevrolet Caprice Donk 1984 Chevrolet Caprice With Custom Donk Rims

What is a Box Donk?

A Box Donk can be any 1980s American made Hi-Riser sedan. Boxed Donk's are also built with a custom suspension. As a rule a Box Donk is a mid 1980's Impala, Caprice or Monte Carlo sporting increasing large wheels associated with the hip-hop style. Chevrolet will never match the inventiveness of some Chevy Donk car owners. Decent 1980s Chevy Impala's or a sharp restorable 2 door hard top Caprice start at $3,000. Unbelievable However, custom Chevy donks on big rims can cost $30,000 to $60,000 after customization.

What is a Bubble Donk?

Any 1990s Impala or 1990s Caprices are considered a Bubble Donk because of the rounded front and rear fenders. Bubble Chev Donk cars are more plentiful and look great with 26 inch rims and rubberband tires. Consider Donks with Spinner Rims on your Bubble Donk.

1993 Chevrolet Caprice Donk 1993 Chevrolet Caprice All Chromed Out Donk!

These body styles all sport a different typical hip hop donk cars. The Suspension on a donk custom is raised to accommodate the typical 26 inch rims on a donk. The new trend builders are using is larger lift kits in order to fit up to 40 inch rims on a Donk Chevy. Why be low (YBLO) when you can ride on skinnies and big rims for donks cars. Now go look for a hi-riser in a neighborhood near you or build one.

Chevrolet Caprice Convertible Donk
Chevrolet Caprice Convertible Donk

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